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You're 3 steps  away
from the best week(s) of your summer.
The kids will have fun too.


Step 1: Fill out the form below

Parent's Name *
Parent's Name
Phone *
Camper's Name *
Camper's Name
2nd Camper's Name (if applicable)
2nd Camper's Name (if applicable)
3rd Camper's Name (if applicable)
3rd Camper's Name (if applicable)
Dates (Please select all weeks that apply) *
Camp Type (1st Camper) *
Camp Type (2nd Camper, if applicable)
Camp Type (3rd Camper, if applicable)

Step 2: Download the form below, complete, and either 1) email it back to us at or 2) snail mail it to 593 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974

Step 3: A $50 deposit per camper is due in order to secure a spot. The remaining balance is due one week before the first day of camp. You can either drop a check in the mail with your registration form, or call the front desk at (908) 665 - 1141 with credit card info; whatever is more convenient for you.

You will receive a confirmation email once your deposit payment and paperwork have been received. 

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