Regardless of your tennis needs, our drop - in clinics provide something for everyone.

Cardio Tennis & Shot of the Week are designed for players of all levels. 

Beyond the clinics listed below, players may drop into any of our clinics, subject to availability. Call to inquire.  



Our cardio tennis is a high energy class focused on getting your heart rate up, while working on your tennis game. 

Each class focuses on a different aspect of the game. This clinic is technique driven; we will work on stroke development. 

For those players who are ready to test their beginner skills in match play. We can pair you up, or you bring your partner. 

12 & Under players will practice their match play skills in these sessions. Our coaches help prepare interested students for tournament play. During these practices, kids will learn the USTA rules applicable to their level of play. 

Students practice with their team every week to prepare for their matches. Practice will consist entirely of live ball drills and match play. We will introduce various strategies to your child to ease their transition into match play.