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Click here to register for our next event,
The Turducken Shootout, with PlaySight SmartCourt Technology

The Turducken Shootout will be held on November 24 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving)
$35 per player

Registration is for two singles matches. Scoring will be one set using regular scoring with a 7-point tiebreaker (first to 7, win by two) at 6-all, or whoever is winning after 1 hour. If tied at the 1 hour mark, a sudden death point will be played.

Competitors are welcome to utilize PlaySight SmartCourt Technology, available on all of our courts.

In order to register you'll need to create an account at MyUTR.com/join. If you've been playing in leagues and federations you might already have a profile, be sure to claim your profile correctly. Click here.

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